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Rustbelt Con 2012

And now enough people have contacted me, so I can make lists!

People going

People in need of a ride (that I know of)

People willing to drive carpool (that I know of)

And then there’s nothing else to report yet. These lists are subject to change, and I linked the people in need of rides so if anyone could help them it’d be easy to reach them.

Also, hotel rooms! This is going to be set on a Friday to Sunday thing, and there’s no time that is necessary to “check in” by, so if you have to wait for school, that’s perfectly fine. I’m going to aim it for a break of some sort for myself just so I can meet everyone at the start and stay till the end. Anyway, if you can’t stay or are in town so you have no need for hotel rooms, this does not pertain to you. Are they gone? Okay, so, as Jessica has said, sharing hotel rooms is a great way to cut down on cost and keep rooms open for other attendees and vacationers that aren’t like us. Plus, it’s also great fun. So, if someone who lives remotely in the Toledo area and can recommend the best hotel for us all to book at, that’d be great!

We’re still trying to figure out dates and such, but it’s a three-day thing, bring your sketchbooks, laptops, karaoke machines, cameras, and some extra cash to spend! Also, make sure to take into account the Zoo expenditures and know how much it’ll cost. We’re planning on going to the Toledo Zoo on either Saturday or Sunday to take a large group picture with the giraffes to make a post card, and then everyone can sign it! (Don’t be the jerk that writes too big, no one would like you.)

I’ll leave you all to it, then. :o)

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